Here are a few comments from previous clients.

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Ronni Land Realty

Attitude, personality ... professionalism..."

"Sharon and I wanted to let you know .... It is very difficult to find
the words that can express our feelings. Thank you just does not seem like
enough. We have sold several homes in our 36 years together, but we have never
worked with anyone with the attitude, personality, friendliness, and
professionalism as you. There was not a single detail that you overlooked
during the sales of our home. You are absolutely the very best communicator
that we have ever worked with. We not only had a smooth real-estate
transaction, but we were fortunate enough to work with someone we will never
forget. "

- Charles and Sharon Jones - Las Vegas 2002

"...Bought our home sight unseen."

Meeting you before moving to Las Vegas was such a treasure! You took us under
your wing and showed us how great it would be to live in Las Vegas and
Summerlin. I think the single most amazing compliment to you is that we bought
our home "site unseen" because we trusted you every step of the way.
You read my mind and knew the home that was perfect for us! The personal
time you gave us was unforgettable, and you will definitely have our business
for the next move to come. We are forever appreciative that you
did not just want to "sell us a house", you honestly took the time to
"find us a home"...and there is a big difference!! Thanks again for
your time and caring.  

Jennie Lombardo

"...Only agent we will ever use..."

"In the last year we have used Ronni as both a buyer's agent and
agent and we are so pleased that she is the only agent we will ever use for
all future home purchases and sales.

As a buyer's agent, Ronni was wonderful in ensuring that our
new-construction home was free from material defects and was instrumental in
"keeping the builder honest." Her attention to detail is a real
benefit to
any buyer and she is always ready with a thorough presentation of the pros
and cons of all home buying situations.

Ronni helps ensure that, as a buyer, you are getting what you are paying
for. Moreover, it is Ronni's sterling reputation among home builders that
recently helped us secure the opportunity to purchase our dream home!"

Ms. Louisa Moore, Las Vegas, NV.

"...truly a standout...

As a seller's agent, Ronni is truly a standout. Due to her skill and
expertise in marketing and negotiating, we were able to sell our home for a
very nice profit during a “down time” in the local real estate market! Her
proficiency was instrumental when, while we were traveling internationally,
the “right” offer was made on our house. Although we were out of the
country, Ronni handled the deal so smoothly it didn’t even interrupt our

Ronni is very thorough and knowledgeable about every step of the home buying
and selling process, and we are looking forward to building a lifetime real estate
relationship with her.

Matt Kreutzer

"No one close to you..."

When it comes down to crunch time, there is no one else that is #1. When it
comes to being the best realtor, when it comes to knowledge, THERE IS NO ONE
CLOSE TO YOU. We both appreciate all the help you have given us. Because of
your expertise, we have prevailed. We both thank you very much.

Les and Paula Geller 2007

"Beyond the call of duty"

Over one year ago, we decided to look at property for retirement in the Las
Vegas area. After several trips from So. California and using a couple of
Realtors which we were not satisfied with, we visited the internet site for
Ronni Land [Realty]. We called Ronni and scheduled an appointment to look at
property. We were very impressed with the knowledge Ronni had about the
Summerlin area, the area we were interested in moving to. Because our move was
several months away, Ronni suggested we look into new developments rather than
looking at pre-owned homes. We did just that and selected our new home which
was due for completion in the time frame which we would be ready for our move.
We did not realize until later that Ronni went "well beyond the call of
duty" because we were in California and she handled things that we were
unable to... These important things that she did made our move and our new
house exactly the way we wanted it. Ronni is extremely professional and we
would highly recommend her to anyone."

John and Mary Winfrey Las Vegas, NV

"Exceptional service and insight..."

Ronni Land was our All-Star QuarterBack in handling our home search in Las
Vegas. Exceptional service and insight on Real Estate with not one detail left
unattended. Thanks, Ronni! You're the Best!
Ron and Marcyann Dec. 2005

Found Our Dream Home

For those of you who are looking for a top notch agent we highly recommend
Ronni Land. Ronni found our dream home for us. From day one she understood what
we were looking for and went to work finding the right home. Ronni is very
knowledgeable, professional, and went the "extra mile" for us. She
has strong negotiating skills and I'm glad she was on our side. Everything went
smoothly through closing with no hitches because Ronni makes sure things get
done and on time!! Thank you Ronni !!

Caesar & Irene

Highly Recommend Ronni

"If I could sum up our home buying and selling transactions with Ronni
in three words, those words would be experience, experience, experience! Ronni
helped us buy our new home, and then sell it (quickly) only 1.5 years later for
... more than we paid for it! Ronni's domain expertise and attention to detail
are unmatched: she knows the market and knows exactly what to look for and how
to get things done, ensuring a smooth process from beginning to end. She also
has a helluva poker face when it comes to negotiating! She goes the extra mile
to help you with things even if they're unrelated to the sale. I would very
highly recommend Ronni for all your real estate needs. I honestly believe that
we wouldn't have done as well with another agent."

- Andrew Friedman- Las Vegas, NV

I Wouldn't Dream Of Trying Anyone Else!

"From the beginning of my very first thought through the finalization
of owning my dream home, Ronni Land has truly been the most knowledgeable, most
highly detailed, and without a doubt the MOST on-top-of-it agent I have
encountered in the field....ever! Her many years experience...and her
reputation as a no-nonsense buyers agent put Ronni Land years ahead of the
rest! When my time comes to buy or sell another home, I wouldn't dream of
trying anyone else!"

- Krista Greven - Las Vegas, NV

Ronni Was Great!

"Ronni was great! Two years later we are very happy living in Summerlin
and highly recommend her as your agent. Ronni listened to our needs and
presented us with many fine home choices!"

- Tom Psak - Las Vegas

Ronni Went Out Of Her Way

Ronni Land is an absolute professional. When we arrived, the first thing
Ronni did was walk us through a few houses to get a feel for the type of house
we were looking for. From then on, every house she showed us was exactly the
kind of home we were interested in. Her advance work saved us
a tons of time. When it came time to make an offer on our perfect home, Ronni
was extremely helpful in helping us fashion an offer that was fair and
equitable for both parties and helped expedite the sale. Ronni has gone out of
her way to be there for us, and believe me we had a LOT of questions. She
returned our phone calls and email promptly and went out of her way to ensure
we were comfortable with the whole home buying experience. Ronni will fight for
her clients and brooks no nonsense from anyone trying to steer one of HER
clients in the wrong direction. My wife and I would recommend Ronni to

Bill and Moon Lonsford Chief, Fire Prevention

She Knows The Market

"I have known Ronni Land as a Real Estate Broker for the past 22 years.
During that time, I have had several real estate transactions with her, which
includes both the buying and selling of houses...she knows the market and
handles all aspects of a transaction with interest and

- Audrey Skirball-Kenis - Los Angeles, CA

She Was A Wonder!

We would recommend Ronni to anyone moving to the greater Las Vegas area. We
recently re-located our business and home to Las Vegas, and she was a wonder at
guiding us through the maze of house hunting and closing on the new
headquarters for us. We work out of our home, so we had some very specific
requirements, and Ronni was able to find us the perfect solution to our
needs. Don & Michelle, LV

Thank You From The Bottom Of My Heart

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am so grateful for everything
you did?You were an inspiration to me. I will never forget you."

- Debra Hale - Las Vegas, NV 2001

Thank You So Much

"Thank you so much for finding our perfect house. You knew exactly what
we wanted and took us right to it."

- Betty and Howard Courtney - Las Vegas, NV

Thank You Very Much

"Thank you very much for your very professional assistance with our
real estate purchase. I was always impressed with your knowledge and having
done this many times before I must confess, you made the entire transaction
easier, so thank you."

- Frank and Jayne Davis - Tokyo, Japan

"Thanks again for all your help with the walk-thru"

Thanks again for all your help with the walk-thru...you're such a good
watch-dog!!! I wouldn't have even considered the wall."

- Jeff Coste - Henderson, NV

Thanks for caring, Ronni!

We would like to thank Ronni Land, Broker for our recent real estate
transactions. Ms. Land listed and sold our house in less than four weeks. We
got full asking price for the property. Ms Land also found the perfect house
for us and closed the deal quickly. We were thrilled with the price and value
of our new home! Ronni Land, Broker company demonstrated competence in ALL
areas of the business. Ms Land balanced professionalism and friendliness.
Thanks for caring, Ronni!! We're definitely repeat clients!

Mr. & Mrs. William & Becky Blanchard

You Did A Terrific Job For Us

"...you did a terrific job for us. After working with you on the sale
of our personal residence, I engaged your services to help me sell my Spec.
House, which you did in a timely fashion."